Frequently Asked Questions

About BBHairPro

Who are we?

At Bigger Better Hair Professional, we take pride in modernizing the reputation of Big Texas Hair with a collection of hair extensions designed to transform your hair into the look of your dreams.

Designed by licensed stylists at our concept salon, our brand is focused on providing top tier salon quality hair extensions designed for beauty professionals around the world.

Our mission is clear: to always exceed your clients expectations of what hair extensions can do for their look, and to empower stylists with a collection of hair extensions that make your job easy and profits easier.

Where are we located?

Out HQ is located in the heart of Downtown Dallas. Our warehouse and shipping takes place off site, but is also located in Dallas, TX.

How do I contact your support team?

We are available via phone calls or text messages: (214)734-6596

You are also welcome to e-mail our support team:

About our Hair

What type of hair do you use?

Hair Origin: Equal blend of Vietnamese, Indian, and Chinese hair. Vietnamese hair provides softness, Indian Hair provides texture and slight wave, and Chinese hair provides strength and durability.

Our hair is vigorously tested from the time the coloring process begins, once it is lightened, after it has been colored to its final shade, as well as once it has been shipped to our HQ. At our HQ, we have a concept salon that uses the hair from each batch before a set is even shipped to a customer soas to provide a final quality control test before it's ever in the hands of a customer. Since each color is made in large batches, if a problem arises we will almost always know it before you do.

Although the life span of our hair extensions ranges between 6-12 months for most clients, this is something we can't possibly guarantee given the organic nature of our product. Every client is different, and the daily care & maintenance of hair extensions plays such a vital role in how long the hair quality maintains our high standards.

What length of hair extensions do you offer?

We are a brand designed to simplify the stylist, or salon’s business and maximise your profits. The only way to do that is to offer a single length in both of our extension methods. In doing this, you can easily carry inventory and keep a simple inventory management within your business’ systems. One length, one price, means easy implementation of BBHairPro into your salon company.

In 2023 we have begun transitioning from 20” standard lengths to 22” as our standard length. You will see certain colors already offering 22” for shipment, and others still offering 20” as we sell through remaining inventory. We fully expect to be shipping all 22” lengths in all colors and both methods by the end of 2023.


Stylist Discounts

If you are a licensed professional, tap here to create a professional account and gain access to our wholesale pricing for salon professionals.

We offer 4 levels of wholesale pricing based on your level of investment. To view our intro packages that include freebies as well as lower your price for all future orders, tap this link:

Here is a simple outline of our pricing and discount offerings for licensed salon professionals:

  • All Licensed Stylist’s Discount: 10% off all products
  • Entry Level Package: 15% off all products
  • Brand Partner Package: 20% off all products
  • Stockist Package: 25% off all products

Once you have purchased an intro package for a particular method, your discount will remain the same indefinitely for all future orders. Intro packages and deals are based on a particular method, and the higher discount level only apply to the method in which you purchased the intro package for. Ex: If you purchase the “Brand Partner Package” for our Skinny Tape Extensions, then all future orders of Skinny Tape Extensions will be sold at a 20% discount. However, your discount level for Skinny Wefts will be 10% unless you purchase a intro package to increase your discount level for that method.

My discount isn’t showing up when I am ordering?

If this is your first time ordering, please reach out to our support team via phone or text: (214)734-6596 Our team usually approves accounts within 1 business day, but sometimes more time may be needed to verify your information.

After we have setup your account, and you have heard from our support team that you have been approved, there is one thing to always remember: always log in to your account before placing anything into your cart. Once you are logged in, the system recognizes you as a wholesale customer and you will see the prices automatically adjust as you are shopping the store.

Shipping Details

For our shipping rates and timelines, always tap this link for the most up to date information:

Our shipments for orders are processed and sent at 4pm Central time Monday-Friday.

In some rare instances we can process orders after 4pm, but depending on carrier pickup times they are not guaranteed to go out after 4pm. If an order is placed after 4pm Monday-Friday the order will usually be processed and shipped the next business day.

You will always be notified once the item ships via e-mail and provided tracking information for your order.

Education & Certification

Do you offer education or certification for stylists?

We pride ourselves in the salons we have had the opportunity to educate and certify in our methods of hair extensions. These salons have a thriving hair extension business and we are proud to partner with them. Whether you are a solo suite stylist, a small boutique salon, or a large scale salon looking to partner with a brand to maximise your hair extension business, we have options catered for everyone.

Tap this link to view our education and certification offerings:

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