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Hair Warranty

We want you to know we have your back when it comes to quality control.  Our hair is vigorously tested from the time the coloring process begins, once it is lightened, after it has been colored to its final shade, as well as once it has been shipped to our HQ.  At our HQ, we have a concept salon that uses the hair from each batch before a set is even shipped to a customer soas to provide a final quality control test before it's ever in the hands of a customer.  Since each color is made in large batches, if a problem arises we will almost always know it before you do.  

Although the life span of our hair extensions ranges between 6-12 months for most clients, this is something we can't possibly guarantee given the organic nature of our product.  Every client is different, and the daily care & maintenance of hair extensions plays such a vital role in how long the hair quality maintains our high standards. 

For the first 8 weeks of wear, we guarantee there should be minimal shedding (no more than 10%) from the wefts, and minimal (if any) color variances outside of external influences. 

Hair that has been colored, or has obviously been burned with hot tools higher than 400 degrees will not fall within our warranty.  Furthermore, hair that has been subjected to chlorine or any chemical treatments will also be excluded from warranty as this is not recommended.  

Submit a Warranty Inquiry 

If you feel that you are experiencing an out of the ordinary quality issue with respect to an order you have placed with us, please follow the following steps: 

1.  Locate your order number, or take a screenshot of the order and keep this on file so we can track the date and batch number from your shipment.

2.  Take photo's and/or videos of what you believe to be an out of the ordinary quality variance such as: 

  1. - Shedding
  2. - Color Variances 
  3. - Tangling 

 3.  Explain the issue you or your guest is having and please send us an e-mail ASAP so we can troubleshoot.  Make sure your e-mail includes: 

  1. - Order Number
  2. - Photos/video
  3. - Description of your issues to:


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